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Covid-19- School Day Arrangements- Updated 8th March 2021

This page is to keep you up to date with the arrangements we have in place starting September 2020 , and has been updated for the 8th March 2021 return. The procedures are being put into place in line with recent government guidance. We will continue to review guidance and adapt our procedures accordingly. 


Thorough risk assessments are in place, which will be reviewed alongside our procedures to ensure the safety of all our pupils and staff. We have planned for the return of all our pupils and we are doing our utmost to ensure that our school is the environment that our children are familiar with. 


Breakfast and After School Club

All children will be in their class bubbles in the hall. We ask that you book in advance for this so that we can staff this accordingly. If children finish school early, those children who are attending After School Club will stay in their classroom with their teacher until it begins at 3.30. Wrap around childcare will be from 8am until 17.30pm Monday to Thursday inclusive.


Little Chicks

Our Little Chicks should be brought to the gated area (near the main school entrance) where a member of staff will be there to greet you at 9.00am. Children will then be brought to the same area when they are ready to leave, following the morning session. Please remember that social distancing with other family groups will be required at all times.


Nursery and Reception 


Please enter the school grounds via the main playground gate which will be open at 8.30am. On arrival, please wait on the designated markers in the playground outside of Class One. The classroom door will be open at 8.30am. Once your child has entered school and been met by a member of staff, please vacate the school grounds as soon as possible, so that the playground gate can be locked behind you.



When picking your child up, the gates will be open from 3.10pm. Please stand on the designated markers and your child will be sent to meet you from the Class One door at 3.15pm.


Class Two - Year One and Two


Class Two children can arrive at 8.50am. On arrival, please wait on the designated markers in the playground outside of the Class Two door. To avoid congestion in the playground, please leave the premises once your child has entered school and has been met by a member of staff.



Please enter the school via the main playground gate at 3.25pm. Please socially distance from others and your child will be sent to meet you from the Class Two door at 3.30pm.


Class Three- Year Three and Four


Please drop your child off promptly at 8.40am. Please follow the markers to the Class Three door entrance. Staff will meet your child in the classroom from 8.40am. Please leave the school grounds as soon as your child has been met by a member of staff. 



Please remember social distancing when collecting your child. Your child will be brought to the gate to meet you by a member of staff at 3.15pm.


Class Four- Year Five and Six


Please drop your child off promptly at 8.50am. A member of staff will open the classroom door at this time. To prevent congestion, please vacate the school grounds once your child has entered school building. 



Please wait for your child near the school gate and your child will be sent to meet you at 3.30pm. If your child is allowed to walk home, you must inform the school office of the days they are expected to walk and it will be recorded on our register. Please contact admin to update the system. If you require your child to walk home on any other day, please send a signed note directly to the teacher to inform them of this.


All Classes

Where possible we are asking that only one adult per family enters school at drop off and collection times. Please DO NOT park in the car park for health and safety reasons. Please be punctual where possible. If a child arrives late, they must enter school via the front entrance where they will need to be signed in to school. Please telephone school promptly in the morning if your child is not attending school and advise us of the reason.


The outdoor playground equipment MUST NOT be used before or after school times.


If you have siblings in school, please drop then children off in this order - Class Four and Three first, then Class One, Followed by Class Two and finally, Little Chicks. Siblings will be sent out at the earlier time in the afternoon.



Packed lunches are to be ordered via Lunch Shop. There will be a number of sandwich fillers as options and one hot option. The children will eat their lunch in their classrooms.


Tuck Shop

We are asking children to bring in their own healthy snack at this time, for example, a piece of fruit or a cereal bar until further notice. This should be brought in their book bag or a small container with their name clearly marked on the outside. EYFS and KS1 will be provided with fruit.


PE Kits and Book Bags

All children should bring their PE kits which should be placed in their lockers. Please ensure that they are clearly labelled with their name and class. This is more important than ever this year as lost property will not be able to be returned if the items are not named. This should only be taken home for washing. We are asking that children leave items in their locker and only carry their book bags (small rucksack for Class Four) and lunch bags to and from school each day. 


We will review all of our risk assessments and procedures on a regular basis.


Office and Communication


Although we can't provide a list of dates for school events in advance due to the current circumstances, we will endeavour to keep you up to date. Please be patient and I assure you we are working tirelessly to bring a smooth start to the year. 


We will update you of any amendments before the start of the new school year. 


Parents will not be able to enter the school building at this time. A telephone appointment will be required if you would like to speak to a member of staff. 


If your child is ill or has a medical appointment


If your child is ill and is showing any Covid-19 symptoms then you will be contacted to collect your child immediately. We also stress that if your child is showing any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 then they must not attend school and you should follow the advice. Further information regarding track and trace will follow. If your child has a medical appointment that is within school time then please inform the school office in advance. Your child can be collected from outside the school office: a member of staff will bring them to you.


Equipment and Kit


KS1 - book bag, PE kit (to remain in school) and lunch box (if required)

KS2 - book bag (small rucksack for Class Four), PE Kit (to remain in school) and lunch box (if required)


Key Timings


Start of Day                                    End of Day

Class One                  8.40am                                               3.15pm

     Class Two                   8.50am                                               3.30pm

     Class Three                8.40am                                               3.15pm

     Class Four                  8.50am                                               3.30pm




Mrs Crellin and the staff are working very hard to make school safe and welcoming for our children to return on the 8th March 2021.