Our Lady Of Furness Catholic Federation

Lovingly we Learn in Harmony


The Federation of Our Lady of Furness.

As Governors of two seperate schools we were naturally apprehensive about the loss of individual identity of the schools we represented and governed. Our Lady of the Rosary in Dalton has been the Parish school for many years, as has St. Mary's in Ulverston. Would our unique and particular charismas, as reflected in our different communities, be enhanced or diminished by federation? We came to the conclusion that we should base or decision on the model of the the early Church. 

Founded in small communities, the Church gained strength and courage in coming together and, in the face of much adversity, eventually, through shared faith, in spite of cultural and ethnic differences, eventually supplanted the might of Rome itself! The power of Faith had won specificaly because the early Church recognised that the desire to proclaim Christ was more important than regional or national differences.

It's two millernia since those heady days but we can still be insular and hold on to local traditions and habits.

We decided, as governors, that federation of our two schools would provide not only a sharing of rich resources and talents, but would also be in keeping with that early Church model of closeness and co-operation that will inevitably lead us all, children, parents and parishioners to a closer harmony and, most importantly, an understanding of God's Word, to love and respect one another, the essential basis of Catholic Education. 

The Federation of Our Lady of Furness, newly created, will continue to provide the children in its care with the finest education within the framework of the Catholic ethos; love, respect and equality.

Mr I. Patterson

Foundation Governor

Foundation Governors

Dr I. O'Donovan (Chair)

Mr I. Patterson

Mr B. McGeough

Father P. Embery

Mrs R. Hocking

Mrs P. Davey

Mrs H. Ord

Mrs M. Page

Other Governors

Mrs N. Rielly (Ex Officio)

Mr M. Ratcliffe (LA Governor, appointed by GB)

Mrs L. Bryne (Elected Staff Governor)

Mrs K. Dodd (Elected Parent Governor)

Mrs M. Scott (Elected Parent Governor)


Mrs R. Jewell