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By the end of Key Stage Two, we want children at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School to have an understanding of the important concepts and an ability to make connections within mathematics.  They should acquire a broad range of skills in using and applying mathematics and a fluent knowledge and recall of number facts and the number system.  Children will have the ability to show initiative in solving problems in a wide range of contexts, including the new or unusual, as well as the ability to think independently and to persevere when faced with challenges, showing a confidence of success.  Pupils will embrace the value of learning from mistakes and false starts and the ability to reason, generalise and make sense of solutions.  They will develop fluency in performing written and mental calculations and mathematical techniques, and use a wide range of mathematical vocabulary.  We want all children to have a commitment to and passion for the subject. 

By using a maths mastery approach, we can help all children achieve excellence in mathematics. No pupils are considered ‘low ability’ or allowed to feel like they ‘can’t do maths’. Instead, a positive ‘can-do’ attitude is encouraged and children are taught to enjoy working with numbers. Adopting this approach is about building a deep understanding of topics, helping children become confident mathematicians who embrace mathematical challenges with a smile.  To achieve this, we use a combination of Power Maths and White Rose Maths.

Maths Long Term Plan