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Online Safety

At Our Lady of Furness Catholic Federation, we want staff, children, parents and carers to create a school community that embraces the use of different technologies to enhance learning and thinking, as well as teach all of our children how to be safe and responsible digital citizens, who make informed decisions about their actions online. We believe that the internet is a great resource and tool.

At home, many children also use computers and mobile devices to play games, learn and explore. Make talking about what they’re up to online, a normal part of everyday life rather than something that only happens when there’s a problem or issue. We believe regular, open conversations between parents, carers and children about using the internet is ultimately the best way to keep children safe online.

While there are huge benefits to being online, it is important to be aware that any time children use the Internet, they do face some potential risks, such accessing inappropriate or harmful content, harmful interactions with other users, oversharing their own personal information, grooming and sexual abuse, online bullying, gambling and manipulation by online organisations and radicalisation. We believe understanding what your child is doing online helps keep them safe online.

Below,  we have included links to some useful information posters, produced by the National Online Safety Network, which give parents clear information about a range of issues which they may encounter when their child goes online.  If you think there are any vital ones that we have missed, please comment below.


App Store





Live Me

Live Streaming


Online Bullying



Screen Addiction







Comment below if you have any suggestions about further online safety information you would find useful.

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